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"I truly love my hair extensions!  With Kimberly's expertise, I finally have the hair I always wanted.  I've always had long hair, but it usually breaks off before getting to the length I desire.  Not to mention the fullness!  Kimberly truly gave me the hair that I've always wanted!  (Since it) is real hair, it's just so natural.  She was able to color my extensions to match my hair perfectly!  I get so many complements!  Thank you Kimberly!!!"



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My hair was thin to begin with, and I had totally destroyed it due to coloring it for so many years.  Hairdreams extensions made such a difference in the way I felt about my hair. I was worried it would be uncomfortable because I am so tender headed. I can't even wear my hair in a ponytail. Hairdreams extensions feels so totally natrual on my head. It doesnt pull or weight down  my head at all. Kimberly matched the color perfectly with my hair. I am completely satisfied with the results. Thanks Kimberly !


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I had gone to London for work!  I thought I would get a "fancy" hair cut at Vidal Sasoon.  It was a terrible decision.  They hacked my hair all up, cut out the back of my head to less than two inches.  I came back home to Texas and was still freaking out.  I found Kimberly and she made me feel so comfortable.  She gave me my long hair back.  My family was elated as well.  I love my hair again. 

Thanks, Kimberly!!!



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(You might recognize Holly from the Passion cover on the home page!)

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Extensions changed my life!  Prior to which I had short hair most of my adulthood, as I couldn't stand the in-between stages of growing my hair out.  Not only did the extensions make me more attractive, but they raised my confidence significantly!  As soon as I got them, my life changed for the better.  I felt as if they gave me magical powers!

Getting the hair extensions was truly a pivotal, life-altering event for me.  I can't even begin to explain just how much better I felt about myself and my appearance.  My family and friends noticed and commented on the improvement immediately, and I began to recieve compliments from strangers on my hair.  No one could even believe that it wasn't my natural hair!

Some might think it sounds shallow and dramatic, but getting the extensions was definitely one of the best decisions of my life!