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Hair Extension Advantages

  • Genuine hair from across the world in various colors                                           
  • Especially high quality with natural light reflections
  • Full bounce of natural hair
  • Allows any hair style you wish
  • Can be worn for up to eight to nine months depending on the hair style

Hair Extension Contents

  • Mostly raw black hair from India
  • Hand woven micro chains connected together to form networks
  • Smallest and finest fastening points
  • Lightened or dyed to a Central European color spectrum with a special protective process

Note:  I have found that these are the best extensions available.  They are not tract hair.  They do not mildew.  They have the most mobility, free flowing movement, and natural feel.


At your initial appointment, we will discuss your hair dream.  We will match your hair color with the proper extension color.  These colors are true hair colors and do not fade.  If there isn't a true match, we can discuss coloring your hair or the extensions.

Hair Extension installation                                                                  

  • Hair extensions are attached to clean hair after it has been sectioned and matched.
  • It is attached directly to the hair  with thermal tongs to bond the hair with the Keratin Thermoplast product that is already on the extension.
  • The hair extensions contain roughly 50 hairs and is bonded to 20-30 of your existing hair creating a thicker appearance almost immediately.

Care of Hair Extensions

  • When washing hair, do not scrub vigorously.
  • Keep conditioner away from bonded area.  This will help extend the life of the hair extensions.
  • After washing hair do not wrap your hair into a "turban".
  • Let hair drain water into a loose towel.
  • Dry as usual, keep "vent" brushes away from bonded area.
  • Keep "silk therapies" and "frizzys" away from bonded area.
  • Brush once a day with a special brush that you will be given at the time of the extension installation.
  • See Kimberly once every six weeks for maintenance.


About Hair Extensions